Bernadette Cooper Presents E &  Audiobooks


Producer, composer, entertainer, creator of Klymaxx , Madame X, and more; now add novelist to her resume.


Cooper is showcasing her latest project , a  collection of Interconnected literary works. Books are observing sisterhood, scrutinizing racism, exposing the ghosts of nursing homes, exploring unorthodox sexuality and reinventing the aura of Cleopatra Jones.


The celebrated theme of each book is the search for divine happiness and the awesome force of women when they unite to accomplish a single goal.


Her catalog  under the banner  "A one stop shop for films'  are  standalones and sequels, that takes her readers through exciting, thought provoking, visual, adventures.

The novels are accompanied by Bernadette Cooper's  enhanced 'Audio books.' She has once again defied the typical by creating a musical adventure with her spoken word narration, produced with a 'dramedy' flair,

Throughout Cooper's musical journey she has empowered many devotees with her vista of self-love. Now Bernadette is on a mission to bring sexy back to reading.

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AudioBooks Preview

A Cry No One Heard

Audio Introduction

'A cry no one heard,' is the untold story of the all-girl-band Klymaxx. Moreover, it is a novel embracing sisterhood, dreams and the elegance of second chances from the memoirs of Bonnie Thompson.

Music producer, composer, Bernadette Cooper, known as the founder of the all-girl-band Klymaxx, and Madame X, wrote the novel. The biography sparkles with historical references by Raina Shaw.

This story is a loving, however, a tragic tale of ancestry, friendship, and the quintessence of change.

Journey through the south of old before the rise of Hitler and during the great migration. Meet the Mott's tribe, working together for the survival of their farm.

After generations gone by, from the fabric of this family, a baby girl was born from the womb of a stripper and thrust into a life full of turmoil. Once bloomed, determination guided her to achieve something more significant than what her past would allow her to be… a Star!

Bonnie chooses a lustful path that will direct her from the deep south to the Hollywood sign and beyond.  And soon brings about the humorous adventures of Bonnie and Bernadette… Clyde.

In route to stardom, you will experience a courageous blend of the whimsical, a surreal view of sisterhood, struggle, and the grit of two women with a shared vision to achieve a dream.  And to their detriment, a destiny destroyed by one, for the love of a man.

Next, the success of one friend’s journey for the better, and the aftermath of the other’s earth-shattering decisions; that lead her to a one-woman crime spree; sex with superstars, drugs, cons, Johns, and eventually, murder.

This true story will keep you spellbound.

The novel chronicles a woman who fell to the depth of depravity, and through incarceration and divinity, raises herself up.

Cooper is channeling Bonnie’s voice in this biography, as she pays homage to her friend, the silent contributor, Bonnie Thompson who helped her achieve an Iconic dream of the first, successful, R&B, pop, all-girl-band “Klymaxx.

The Strokes By Bernadette Cooper

Chapter 1. Introduction 'White Power'

The first of twenty-five chapters

A novel and animated audiobook. Including music from the producer, composer, and author, Bernadette Cooper.

Voices by Bernadette Cooper.

Featuring, 'This is for you.' 

Produced and Written by Mike Vangen & Marcus Reed.

Lead vocals by Marcus Reed.

Background Music 'Scheming Snitch' Provided by Mitch Music.




The Strokes By Bernadette Cooper

Chapter 2. 'The Smiles Of A Cheshire Cat'

A novel, audiobook, and music by Bernadette Cooper.

Voices by Bernadette Cooper 

'I'm so Dramatic,' produced, written, and performed, by Bernadette Cooper.

Background music 'Ratchet Release' provided by Mitch music.


The Strokes By Bernadette Cooper

Chapter 3. 'Miracle Milestone Baptist Church'

A novel, audiobook, and soundtrack by Bernadette Cooper.

Voices by Bernadette Cooper.

Background music 'Scheming Snitch' provided by Mitch music.

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The Strokes By Bernadette Cooper


A portrait of a racist woman 'Virginia' and her dysfunctional family trusts into the atmosphere of a place resembling, One flew over the cuckoo's nest. "

Cooper shines a dark, twisted, humorous, light on otherwise, serious subject matters In this satirical portrayal of ignorance and abandonment. Projecting a lens and zooming in on the ghost of nursing homes and the unpleasant aspects of the world through ridiculousness.

Unforeseen circumstances will place Virginia in an environment surrounded by absolute calamity and souls who have lived two lifetimes, as they reveal their emotional journeys.

The cast of characters are subjected to Virginia's quick-witted, scrutiny until she meets the Spitfire, Mrs. Jean.

One woman transforms Virginia, life for the better by teaching her through example, the two most powerful four-letter words in the universe; hope and love.