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Klymaxx featuring Bernadette cooper The founder of klymaxx & Madame X

Klymaxx Featuring, Bernadette Cooper

Bernadette Cooper


Klymaxx Featuring Bernadette Cooper
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                                  Intro                                                                                                         Bernadette Cooper  

An American recording artist. She respectfully holds multiple titles as a'diseuse, producer, composer, musician, entertainer, and author.  Notably, the creator of the Pop/R&B all-girl band Klymaxx and the writer of many of their top hits. She is the first African American woman to create an all-girl band to reach such notoriety. 


 In addition, Cooper conceptualized the girl group "Madame X," and under her direction, gained them notoriety with the top ten hits," Just That Type Of Girl. Other artists, including Bette Midler, Teena Marie, Salt & Pepa, and many films, have experienced the luxury of her writing and production.


 'KLYMAXX,' the brainchild of Cooper, made history as the first all-female R&B pop band in which every girl played an instrument.  'KLYMAXX ' collectively holds the distinction of being the ONLY all-female R&B/Pop band to go Multi-Platinum.

(Who is Bernadette Cooper?) Chike Evans Pre Interview

(Who is Bernadette Cooper?) Chike Evans Pre Interview

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Klymaxx ft Bernadette

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The House Of Bernadette

Inspirational quotes made famous by Cooper:
"Diva, Slap me, Don't slap me cuz I'm not in the mood, BW (basic woman), I know I was looking good, Riding in my Cooper's limousine, I had to leave my condo to come to this? Flawless, Fatburger, Divas need love too, Okay, I'm nice, I am your Diva Savior, Much, much, much unhappy about this, Scandalous, Fierce, Fabulous, Just Sitting back relaxing and looking good, Fab attack, Desperation is not a beautiful perfume, Sexy, Grand Diva, Queen, I'm ferocious, They Love me, they hate me, but they all say -I look good, Yamamoto Kansai sweater, Kenneth Cole shoes, Gianni Versace blue leather suit... My nails were done and my hair was fierce!" GOTU (Goddess Of The Universe) ~Bernadette Cooper

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