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Klymaxx Presents Bernadette Cooper, Diva & A Turntable.

A traveling mini version of the band Klymaxx. Usually, including a DJ, drummer, and three girls, Including Cooper. Featuring all the hits, less backline.

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My Portfolio

The collection of artist performed,  composed, or produced by Bernadette Cooper.

Video, Soundtracks, and Television

Videos and soundtracks captured throughout Bernadette Cooper's career.

Visual Tour

Photographs captured on Bernadette Cooper's Journey.

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Bernadette Cooper's Resume and Discography.

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Museum68 Atelier

An online revamped version of my east coast clothing store. Featuring custom and reinvented attire, for the wholesale and retail marketplace.

Forever B.C

More Information on Bernadette's musical and entrepreneurial journey.

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Bernadette Cooper Media Request

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